Top Red Lights in India You Should Know About

Top Red Lights in India You Should Know About

There are lots of Red light areas that clients should know about. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the best red light in India. In this blog article, we will look at the Top Red Light in India. And explain why they are so popular. As well as give useful information for those interested in visiting these locations. So keep reading to find out more about India’s interesting red-light area.

Some of the famous red-light areas in India are as follows:-

Delhi-GB Road

Delhi is a vibrant city with several entertainment alternatives, and the Red Light District in Delhi has become a popular tourist spot. The G.B Road in New Delhi has been there since the 17th century.

The red light district in Delhi is particularly well-known for its low costs in comparison to other cities in India, making it affordable to people of all income levels. GB Road Escorts in Delhi offers a range of services such as massage parlors, pubs, dance clubs, and more.


There are three (3) such places in Lucknow where business takes place. 


Charbagh Metro Station is the first place where people can find sex workers in Lucknow. There are Prostitutes in Lucknow around the Charbagh metro station. In Lucknow near Charbagh metro station, many girls and women who do business stands there and ask people for sex and in return, they ask for money.

Burlington Crossing Red Light in Aminabad, Lucknow

People can also find Sex workers in Burlington Crossing Red Light Aminabad, Lucknow. At this place also you can find Call Girls who are roaming around. You will also find many boys and men talking to Lucknow Call Girls. Burlington Crossing is the Red Light of Lucknow. It is common to see sex workers roaming around here.  

Gomti Nagar Red Area in Lucknow

Gomti Nagar is also one of the main hubs of Sex Workers in Lucknow. Where people can find sex workers in Gomti Nagar. You can see the Sex workers standing in the road for searching the people for sex.


Sex work and forced prostitution are becoming more common, and this is especially true in this lovely city. Some people are involved in it because, they believe it is a part of a luxurious lifestyle and others. It is a source of income. 

Today we will discuss red-light districts in Chandigarh.There is no such thing as a red light district in a city, such as Garstin Bastion Road in New Delhi or Kamathipura in Mumbai. However, according to the media, there are various regions where the sex trade is suspected as the hub of Call Girls in Chandigarh. Some of them are:-

  • Manimajra Area
  • Bapu Dham Colony
  • Burial Area
  • Kajheri
  • Attawa

Nagpur:-Ganga-Jamuna(Red Light area in Nagpur)

You can find the Nagpur Red light in Ganga -Jamuna area. You can find the Sex workers in Nagpur Escorts standing on the main road. And beside them, there are small galis to enter. In this red light area, there are fewer aunties as compared to the girls which are good for the clients who visit the places for Sex Services in Nagpur.

Red lights Area in Bangalore

In reality, unlike Mumbai, Bangalore does not have a red-light district.

However, there are various “areas” in Bangalore where sex is sold. You may effortlessly contact and locate the best Bangalore Call Girls for your sexual enjoyment. Some of the places where you can find Sex workers in Bangalore are as follows:-

  • Kammanhali
  • Majestic
  • MG Road
  • Indiranagar
  • Madinagar


Sonagachi, located in the northeastern part of Kolkata. This is one of India’s major red-light districts in India. Thousands of sex workers live there for years, Sonagachi is a large network of narrow roads and passageways filled with stores, restaurants, and small enterprises. An underground economy driven by poverty and exploitation exists in the shadows of this busy red-light street. Despite this, Sonagachi has become a symbol of strength and resistance for the women who live and work here.


Kamathipura red light street in Mumbai is located in the city’s core. This is one of the country’s busiest red-light districts.With an estimated 8,000 sex workers living and working there.

Kamathipura, formerly known as Lal Bazaar.  However, by the late 19th century, it had evolved into a lively red-light area.

Many sex workers, including women, men, transgender persons, and children, currently live in Kamathipura. Many sex workers work at neighborhood restaurants and pubs in addition to offering sexual services.

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